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About Ningbo Welwork PPE

Safety Expert Since 1992

Ningbo Welwork PPE Co Ltd is mainly in the wide lines of Personal Protective Equipment from head to toe & Road safety products that play dual role as a manufacturer and trader who are aim to offer every customer the most cost effective products and greatly help reduce every customer's troubles by offering mix safety products for over 20 years.

During these years, we have gained much experience of exporting our PPE & Road safety products to different countries, mainly to Australia, North America, South Africa, South America, Middle East and Europe countries. Through the effort of our Welwork Team, we now have more than 100 loyal and steady customers.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of Personal Protective Equipment and safety related products by paying our attentions to quality control during Production-Inspection-Packing-Shipping procedure to guarantee every end-user's safety. We have recently extended our product line to include car accessories and fire safety equipment.By offering different quality level safety products we focus to satisfy a wide group of customers and also in order to meet some parts of high quality customers' demand we have yet successfully applied some safety products CE & ANSI standard. Meanwhile, we strictly control the delivery on time. 

Why Choose Us

  • Industry experience

    Over 20 Years experience in safety industry and 10 years experience in warning products.

  • Quality service

    Offer the most recognize and reliable names in the safety value- added services to our customer.

  • Company strength

    For an even greater understanding of our capabilities, we welcome you to visit our factories.

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CE/ANSI Anti-cut Protective Gloves Stainless Steel Mesh Wire Cut-Resistant HPPE Gloves

CE/ANSI Anti-cut Protective Gloves Stainless Steel Mesh Wire...


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